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Gender expression is significant in intimate partner relationships, with sexuality and gender influencing relationships for better or for worse.

The Gender Centre offers support for for people who have recently learned that their partner identifies as transgender or gender questioning. Since many people have not previously had the opportunity to learn about gender transition and other gender issues, they frequently have a lot of questions, and may or may not feel comfortable directly asking their partner these questions.

For partners looking for support, the Gender Centre offers the following:

Partners can contact the Gender Centre counsellor for support and information around their loved one’s disclosure or decision to transition;

In some circumstances, couples can attend  counselling together at the Centre;

‘Zoom’ is our online support group for partners of transgender or gender questioning individuals facilitated by a former counsellor of The Gender Centre

The Gender Centre website has links to print and online media for partners

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The Gender Centre Inc. is funded by Sydney Local Area Health District through the AIDS and Infectious Diseases Branch and the N.S.W. Government Department of Human Services, Community Services under the Specialist Homelessness Service (SHS) program.

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