55 or over support

The aim of the Gender Centre's Seniors Support Service is to offer support to clients who are over the age of 55. Support includes frontline crisis and case management, linking clients with other specialised aged care services that are working with transgender and gender diverse people and enable clients to feel safe and secure in accessing these services, provide psycho-social support and opportunities for engagement, enhance the quality of life in relation to independence and self-determination, to promote the needs of transgender and gender-questioning people to aged care service providers, and to provide skills development and training to other aged care service providers, especially generalist services so they can deliver good practice models of service delivery to this unique and diverse community.

The Seniors support project

  • works with and on behalf of older trans people;
  • works with trans people of any age who are dealing with matters related to negotiating aged care services;
  • works with other services who provide support to trans people over 55 years old;
  • is an advocacy service supporting people navigating aged and ageing issues;
As a Transgender or Gender Diverse person of any age you may be having difficulties negotiating services for an aged person who is in your care, or as an older trans person:
  • you could be intimidated by, or uncomfortable with negotiating your way through mainstream services;
  • you could be in need of help or support to access and negotiate appropriate services;
  • you are in need of residential care support, or you are thinking about it;
  • you'd like assistance to attend routine health checks or screenings;
  • you may be feeling more vulnerable as you age;
  • you could be fearful about loss of independence;
  • you may just want to talk or you would like someone to advocate on your behalf; or
  • you are in need of products or equipment such as incontinence aids or mobility aids.
As a service provider you may wish to provide services to transgender people but you are uncertain how to go about it and:
  • you could use some clear information;
  • you'd like to know how you can provide sensitive care to transgender elders; and/or
  • you'd like some training for your staff in working with transgender and/or gender diverse older people.
The Gender Centre also runs a Seniors support group for more information on this group.

For further information  contact the centre.  The group meets at the Gender Centre, 41-43 Parramatta Road, Annandale, (02) 9519 7599.

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