Our Commitment

The Gender Centre is committed to educating the public and service providers about the needs of people with gender issues. As part of this commitment, we specifically aim to provide a high quality education and training service, which acknowledges human rights and ensures respect and confidentiality for all involved. The Gender Centre welcomes employers, service providers, students and institutions to access the Gender Centre's resources including hardcopy resources located at the Gender Centre itself, online resources through this website and of course our highly acclaimed and individually tailored training sessions. See below for details on how to arrange for one of our trainers to attend your workplace or venue of choice.

Employers & Staff

Employers, if you have an employee who is changing gender (transitioning), the Gender Centre offers training specifically tailored to organisations with regards to this process. The Gender Centre offers a "Model Policy for Employers" to use when formulating policy around transgender issues. The Anti–Discrimination Board and the Gender Centre recommends the use of this policy.
We also offer a "Model Document for Informing Staff". We also recommend the "N.S.W. Department of Health Guidelines for Human Resource Transgender Policy".

Educational Institutions & Students

For educational institutions with students who are studying service provision, marginalized communities, sex and gender issues or related topics, the Gender Centre can assist you with additional information to complement your course notes or handouts. And for Students, if you have a seminar or presentation regarding gender issues, transgender or transsexual people's needs or related topics, there might be resources, books or information you can access to complement your presentation.

Professional Development & Education for Service Providers

Service Providers, if you have staff that would benefit from professional development  by the Gender Centre please do not hesitate to give us a call, and we can tailor a program around your staff needs and development options .

Topics Covered in Training

We cover a comprehensive range of topics in our training sessions that help to address the specific issues facing transgender people. Depending upon the needs of your organisation, these may include:
Implications for staff and clients in relation to anti-discrimination;
  • E.E.O. issues
  • Workplace harassment
  • Provision of goods and services
  • many other aspects of the transgender process.
All participants are encouraged to ask even the difficult questions and clarify any issues, so that any concerns or areas of interest can be addressed.

Training Benefits

Training Benefits
The potential benefits of training for your company or organisation could range from:
  • Understanding of legislation
  • Understanding of transgender-identity
  • Knowledge of periods of transition
  • Dealing with workplace transition
  • Raised awareness for staff
  • Improved service to clients
  • Productive use of human resources
  • Potential preferred employer status
  • Assistance with policy development
  • Knowing your rights
  • Knowing the rights of the transgender employee / client; and
  • Minimising the risk of costly legal action


"We had an attendance of some 35 staff and managers attend the well-structured, informative and professional presentation by Gender Centre staff. The interactive session had good audience participation and all issues that were raised were adequately explained and the difficult questions answered. The presentation was pitched at the right level for the audience and positive feedback was received from attendees. Overall I rate the presentation and feedback from staff as very high. I would have no hesitation in recommending the presentation to interested agencies."
Ken Sweeney
National Manager, Comcar

What Does Training Cost?

Please send us an email.   to receive our schedule of charges.


It is generally preferable to make your bookings a few weeks in advance. For further information or to arrange a training session, please click here to contact us.

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