Counselling at the Gender Centre

The Gender Centre counselling service provides a high quality professional counselling service to the transgender and gender questioning community. The values underpinning our work include: integrity, compassion, respect, vitality, resourcefulness, professionalism and perseverance, and is guided by the following core values.We are committed to assisting clients reach their full personal potential through the provision of counselling services and programs.
  • We are committed to achieving this with fairness and integrity.
  • We aim to provide a high quality counselling service which acknowledges human rights and ensures respect, dignity and confidentiality. It is of a particular concern to remove barriers to clients' achievements resulting from their gender, age, cultural and national background, socio-economic background or disability.
  • We will ensure that our service operates within the bounds of ethical guidelines, and the relevant codes of behaviour for psychologists, counsellors and social workers, including the maintenance of client confidentiality.
  • We will ensure access and equity issues are met for all.
The Gender Centre's counselling service is available to all clients including residential clients, community clients, partners, family members and friends of people with gender issues at no cost. The counselling service also provides support and education to school counsellors as well as counsellors in rural areas. The Gender Centre's counselling service provides:
  • Counselling to all clients of the Gender Centre;
  • Counselling to partners and families of clients of the Gender Centre;
  • Confidentiality contract (see below);
  • M.T.F. and F.T.M., transgender parents, over 55s and transgender youth support groups;
  • Referrals to psychiatrists, endocrinologists and other specialists;
  • Supervision to counsellors who have a transgender client; and
  • Placement opportunities to student counsellors.
The issues covered in counselling may include (but are not limited to):
  • cross-dressing;
  • self-harm;
  • suicide;
  • alcohol & other drugs;
  • depression;
  • harassment;
  • hormones;
  • relationships;
  • family;
  • employment;
  • discrimination;
  • anxiety;
  • sexual health;
  • accommodation; and
  • surgery options.
The counsellor has qualifications in counselling, education, workplace training and assessing and is a member of CAPA. The counselling supervisor is a member of the following professional associations:
  • Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association (H.B.I.G.D.A.);
  • Clinical Member of the Counsellors and Psychotherapists Association of N.S.W. (CAPA);
  • Registered member of the Psychotherapists and Counsellors Federation of Australia (P.A.C.F.A.); and
  • Australian Society of Sexuality Educators, Researchers and Therapists (ASSERT)
  • Please don't hesitate to send our Counsellor an email 

How do i arrange an appointment with the Counsellor

Step 1 Contact the counsellor to arrange an appointment via email at

Step 2
  The counsellor will contact you to arrange your first session with us 

Step 3
Your Counsellor will provide you with counselling sessions


The Gender Centre Inc. Counselling Contract

Terms and Conditions


The counsellor keeps all notes under lock and key in the filing cabinet in the counselling room.
The counsellor may seek supervision on your situation in keeping with the "Psychotherapists and Counsellors Federation of Australia (P.A.C.F.A.) Ethical Guidelines", thus:
Counsellors and supervisors are responsible for protecting the client's rights of confidentiality in the supervisory context by ensuring that shared information is disguised appropriately.
Supervision is a professional requirement for a counsellor to be registered in N.S.W.
The counsellor will ensure that details of your case are kept strictly confidential except for situations where there is impending risk of harm to self or others and where mandatory reporting conditions (outlined below) apply.
"Counsellors and Psychotherapists Association of N.S.W. Inc. Code of Ethics and Good Practice" states:
Circumstances may arise where a counsellor believes that a client is at risk of imminent self-harm or imminent harm to others. Such situations may give rise to exceptions to confidentiality.
Mandatory Reporting Requirements: "Counsellors and Psychotherapists Association of N.S.W. Inc. "Code of Ethics and Good Practice" states:Legislation now in force within the state of New South Wales makes it mandatory for all counsellors to report to the relevant authority, any concerns they have where a child is at risk of harm. The relevant authority is the N.S.W. Department of Human Services, Community Services.
Residents of the Gender Centre: Confidentiality as above holds except where information relevant to housing is deemed necessary for the residential service and case management.

Cancellation Policy for Counselling

The cancellation policy for the counselling service has changed.
Due to the high number of requests for counselling,within both programs  & the waiting time to get an appointment, we now require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice to cancel an appointment. If you cannot attend a booked appointment, please call 9519 7599 at least one business day prior to the booking, and let reception know.
If you fail to attend an appointment without informing the Gender Centre, you will lose any future bookings and will be required to re-book for counselling and wait until new appointments are available.

If you are new to the counselling service please download and complete the counselling form and bring it in with you to your first appointment.


Psychological Support Services

Please Note We are no longer accepting new referrals for the PSS or the Better Access programes till the 30 June 2021 as our clinicians have reached capacity, We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

GP information -Accessing PSS at The Gender Centre /Submitting your clients referral form

GP's must now fill out the online referral form to acsess the PSS service for thier clients who are in the CESPHN area as we are no longer accepting referrals to be faxed or emailed directly  to us. GP's are now to submitt  their clients referrals via the link below!/referral/create

Please do not download the form and fax it over to us

If you are unsure if your client is in the CESPHN area please see the Primary Health Network map locator link below

Step 1: GP's click on the (CLICK HERE FOR REFERRAL TO PSS FOR GP'S)on the home page of the Gender Centres website

Step 2: GP completes the PSS online referral form and indicates the Gender Centre as the preferred provider

Step 3: GP  submits referral form via the website

Step 4:CESPHN will contact the Gender Centre with an aprroval this can take up to 14 days

Step 5: Once approved the centre will contact your client to book them in with a psychologist.

GP’s can watch the video on how to complete an online PSS referral  via this link

Psychological Support Services (PSS) funded by Central and Eastern Sydney PHN

The PSS program offers short term face to face psychological support at no cost to eligible clients experiencing mild to moderate mental health concerns and who live in the Central and Eastern Sydney region. The Psychologists’ at The Gender Centre are trainied and experienced in working with transgender, gender diverse and gender questioning adults, young people and children . To access this service, visit your GP for a PSS referral and mental health treatment plan.

Please note: if you are out of the Central and Eastern Sydney PHN area you may still access the psychologists through Medicare by obtaining a referral and mental health treatment plan from your GP, this will allow us to bulk bill you.

Am I eligible to access the PSS service


PSS is for individuals who live, work or study in the Central and Eastern Sydney region with diagnosable mild to moderate mental health concerns, who may benefit from short term treatment but are unable to Access other available services. This service is for people experiencing financial hardship (Individual income < $55,000; family income < $130,000), and would not be better suited for people looking for crisis or specialist domestic violence services, or involved in court or insurance matters.

  • PSS referral and mental health treatment plan is required from your GP
  • You identify as transgender, gender diverse and/or gender questioning
  • You live in the Central and Eastern Sydney region
  • This service is for people experiencing financial hardship (Individual income < $55,000; family income < $130,000)

Outside the PSS catchment area?

If the client is outside of the PSS catchment area see Primary Health Network Map Locator link

you will be able to access us through the Better Access program the client will still need a GP's referral and a current Mental Health treatment Plan the client can  either drop their  referral off to us at Annandale  or post their referral directly to us.

Please do not fax or email over sensitive information regarding your client

How many sessions will i receive

Clients are eligible for up to 12 individual sessions only 

Contacting your Psychologist

Currently the Gender Centre has four psychologist

James Morandini's email address is

Ella Wufong's email address is

Kiara Fraser's email address is

Naomi Radom's email addres is