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First published by the Gender Centre in 1993, Polare Magazine has developed a reputation of being a vital source of information, news, views, opinions and stories for transgender people and others within the sex and gender diverse communities.

Polare Magazine is published quarterly in Australia by The Gender Centre Inc. which is funded by the Department of Family & Community Services under the S.A.A.P. program and supported by the N.S.W. Health Department through the AIDS and Infectious Diseases Branch. Polare provides a forum for discussion and debate on gender issues. Unsolicited contributions are welcome, the editor reserves the right to edit such contributions without notification. Any submission which appears in Polare may be published on our internet site. Opinions expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect those of the Editor, The Gender Centre Inc., the Department of Family & Community Services or the N.S.W. Department of Health.

Polare Magazines are available for download from The Gender Centre, and are available in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar to view and print P.D.F. files. If you don't have Acrobat Reader you can download it for free at the Adobe website.

Toni's Story, Bullying and Intersex, Sex and/or Gender Diverse People, My Son, The Pink Boy.

Parenting Sideways, Terminology of Intersex, The Gift of Transition to your Child.

Gaye's Farewell Column, Are Breasts A Right Or A Privilege?, Make Sex And War.

Aged Care for Transsexuals, Wills, Enduring Guardians & Powers of Attorney; Phia's Story.

Jin Xing: Role Model For Millions, Syphilis: History, Recognition and Treatment.

The Young M.T.F. Transsexual, Young People With Transsexualism.

Adventures of a Watjarri Nyungar Traveller, Look Who's Morphing, Bad Language

Transphobia, Abuse Is Not A Form Of Love, Book Review.

Seven Sexes, So What Am I?, What Is Seahorse, Sexually Transmitted Diseases Part 3.

Eloqui, Transgender Remembrance Day, Sexually Transmitted Infections Part 2.

Sexually Transmitted Infections, Down Memory Lane, 3 x Book Reviews.

Zucker: Manipulation of Feminine Boys, Living with Hepatitis C, Documents of Identity.

Five Kinds of Gender, A Submission to H.R.E.O.C., Quest for Life.

Labor's Social Inclusion Agenda; Globalisation, Healthism and Harm Reduction.

Power With Grace; Stigma & Health; The Power of a Name; 3 x Book Reviews.

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The Gender Centre Inc. is funded by Sydney Local Area Health District through the AIDS and Infectious Diseases Branch and the N.S.W. Government Department of Human Services, Community Services under the Specialist Homelessness Service (SHS) program.

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