Love and Support in the Time of COVID-19

Welcome to our latest Polare Newsletter.

First and foremost, I'd like to assure all our clients and community that as an essential service the Gender Centre will remain open and manning the phones. While we've postponed our groups indefinitely, our counsellors and psychologists are still available through telephone interview. Our caseworkers, counsellors and staff remain available to talk via phone from 9-4 Monday to Friday on (02)9519 7599. 

That said it's incredibly important to stay safe. To this end, check out the  front page of the GC website for a guide on how to improve your chances of avoiding Coronavirus, and keeping yourself and other people safe. 

Nothing could be more important right now than keeping contact open with and between our community.  It's important to understand that the trans and gender diverse community remains one of the most vulnerable communities in normal times, let alone during an international health crisis. With this in mind the Gender Centre is asking community and clients not to visit the centre and to stay at home as much as possible.

Last night and today we've heard from both state and federal governments that our lives under COVID-19 will continue for at least 6 months. Because of the extraordinary pressure this will place on TGD people the Gender Centre is planning to do all it can to advise and keep the community safe through these difficult times. More to come, so watch this space. 

Keep safe,

 Phinn Borg
Executive Director
The Gender Centre

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Monday, 06 April 2020

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