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First published by the Gender Centre in 1993, Polare Magazine has developed a reputation of being a vital source of information, news, views, opinions and stories for transgender people and others within the sex and gender diverse communities.

Polare Magazine is published quarterly in Australia by The Gender Centre Inc. which is funded by the Department of Family & Community Services under the S.A.A.P. program and supported by the N.S.W. Health Department through the AIDS and Infectious Diseases Branch. Polare provides a forum for discussion and debate on gender issues. Unsolicited contributions are welcome, the editor reserves the right to edit such contributions without notification. Any submission which appears in Polare may be published on our internet site. Opinions expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect those of the Editor, The Gender Centre Inc., the Department of Family & Community Services or the N.S.W. Department of Health.

Polare Magazines are available for download from The Gender Centre, and are available in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar to view and print P.D.F. files. If you don't have Acrobat Reader you can download it for free at the Adobe website.

The Blue Diamond Society, Two Alzheimer-Related Works, Mystery of Infantile Testosterone.

Late Transition Leads to a Happier Life, Transition With Pride, Facial Feminisation, No Such Thing as Transgender.

One to a Hundred, Trail Blazers, The Berdache, Is 'Tranny' a Derogatory Term?

Staying Employed During Transition, The Happy Family Fairy Tale, I'm So Sick of Words.

Cate McGregor: Woman and Warrior, Caring for a Minority Within a Minority, Special Considerations for Transsexual Surgeries.

Leslie Findlay: A Tribute, The Intersex View of Norrie's Case, Transitioning in the Workplace.

A Brief History of X; Testosterone and F.T.M. Sex Drive; A New Life For Dan.

Eugenia, We've All Been There, Secret Women's Business, Media Bullying.

Transgender Prisoner Reassignment Rights, Shopping with Marika, Intersex People and Marriage.

Stepford Wives Comes to the 21st Century, Thinking Outside the Square, Dealing with Bullying.

Daughters of the Doctor, Speaking Personally, Be Who You Are, My Journey to Thailand.

My Intersex Adventure, Intersexions, The A.T.O. Bends on Transgender Expenses.

Carmen Rupe, Transgender Icon, Pride and Diversity, My Struggle With Identity.

Farewell Rose Jackson, Transgender Inmates, Women in Dresses, I am what I am.

Life can be Beautiful, Delilah Takes on the Philistines, A Passport Identifies who a Person Is.

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The Gender Centre Inc. is funded by Sydney Local Area Health District through the AIDS and Infectious Diseases Branch and the N.S.W. Government Department of Human Services, Community Services under the Specialist Homelessness Service (SHS) program.

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