Love and Support in the Time of COVID-19

Welcome to the latest Polare Newsletter.

This month the Gender Centre continues to support the TGD community. NSW is shifting back and forwards between zero new cases and sudden outbreaks.  Add to this the warmer weather as summer approaches and it’s important that all of us continue to promote hand washing, avoid close contact, and practice social distancing where possible. While there has been a fantastic effort to flatten the curve in NSW, we’re now in a crucial period when the increase in social contact of longer days and more out door time means a risk of COVID-19 infection spikes.

The Gender Centre and staff remain committed to helping.  We’re here for you and if you’re feeing distressed remember we’re only a phone call away on 02 9519 7599.

We’re continuing to offer essential services to the TGD community. Our weekend counselling services are offering a range of specialty remote psychological services. Our speech pathologists Claire and Natasha remain available for voice work and you can obtain both the referral to work with a Speech Pathologist and an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Program Referral form from your GP.

Stay safe!

Phinn Borg

Executive Director 

NSW Gender Centre

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