Love and Support in the Time of COVID-19

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This fortnight it looks increasingly likely that NSW is grappling with a second wave of COVID-19 infections. 

While this is not official, the slow increase of infections spreading through the NSW community means that we should be considering our preparations for staying safe. One of the main concerns is that this latest spike appears to be driven primarily by community infections. Where in the past the majority of people with COVID-19 in NSW were connected with international travel, we are now seeing a majority of transmissions from unknown or untraced sources. This is of concern because if enough people become infected with out a clear point of origin for their illness it is far more difficult to control the rate at which infection spreads. That said COVID-19 will spread and it benefits us all to keep that spread manageable.

In this regard the Gender Centre encourages the TGD community to wear face masks while in public to help minimise the spread of the disease. 

It is also important to keep following hygiene and distancing rules. As winter continues, there will be an increase in flu infections along with the ongoing threat of COVID-19. If you therefore have not gotten your flu shot the Gender Centre encourages all of its community to do so. Please consider making an appointment with your GP and discuss your options, and whether the flu shot is safe for you. 

The GC remains NSW's one-stop-shop for trans and gender diverse counselling, therapy and speech pathology. You can ring for an appointment  on 9519 7599.

And remember if you want to access a TGD safe medical practice during COVID-19, the T-150 clinic is running every Tuesday. Make sure that you ring and book in advance.

Keep safe!

Phinn Borg

Executive Director 

NSW Gender Centre

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