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Lets face it: the media has not been that good to the transgender and gender diverse community. In fact they've been appalling. But if we wanted to focus on the predominate response to trans people in the Australian media these awards would be called the bleaches, or maybe the beastlies.

Instead we're interested in acts of courage and empathy; moments where journalists, presenters, personalities stood up to transphobia or went out on a limb to call out prejudice, ignorance and intolerance.

This is where you come in. We’d like the trans community and their allies to nominate media moments between 1July 2017 and 31st July 2018. Moments when you felt your cockles warmed by a media professional being uncommonly brave on our behalf.

We’ll make a short list of the best examples of media support before announcing the winners later in the year.

Vote early! Vote Often!

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