First published by the Gender Centre in 1993, Polare Magazine has developed a reputation of being a vital source of information, news, views, opinions and stories for transgender people and others within the sex and gender diverse communities.

Polare Magazine is published quarterly in Australia by The Gender Centre Inc. which is funded by the Department of Family & Community Services under the S.A.A.P. program and supported by the N.S.W. Health Department through the AIDS and Infectious Diseases Branch. Polare provides a forum for discussion and debate on gender issues. Unsolicited contributions are welcome, the editor reserves the right to edit such contributions without notification. Any submission which appears in Polare may be published on our internet site. Opinions expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect those of the Editor, The Gender Centre Inc., the Department of Family & Community Services or the N.S.W. Department of Health.

June 2000

The Top Gun Who Became R.A.F. Flight Officer Caz; Transmen; Health Report

August 2000

A Girl Called Adam; More Transsexuals Start New Life, Keep Old Job

October 2000

Reporting Transgender Violence; My View, Suicide; Transmen; Health Report

August 1994

Geldings for the Gods; Your Teenager, Gender Reassignment & You

December 2000

A Plague Undetected; Transmen; Health Report; Arriving in Australia with Two Sexes

August 2001

Metoidioplasty (Clitoral Release); Are You Getting Good Treatment?; A Plea For Help

October 2001

My Dad's A Woman; The Shape of Acceptance; Phallocy

December 2001

Family Court Endorses Transsexual Marriage; Lynn Conway, Superstar of the Transgender Firmament

February 2002

Gendercide; How Many of Us Are There?; My Transsexual Father

April 2002

Party or Protest; From Victim to Villain in a Single Bound; A Rose by Any Other Name

June 2002

My Wife Was a Victim Too; Do Transsexuals Have a Choice; The Road Less Travelled

August 2002

Health Report; My Story; Social & Support Report; Stop Press

October 2002

Gay Games Gender Policy; Transformation; Health Report

December 2002

Tribute to Christine Jorgensen; Talking Point; 3 x Book Reviews

November 1994

Good Girls Do It Too; A Couple of Boys; Soft Minded Men; Love, Life & Liberty

February 2003

Stephen Whittle Wins 2002 Human Rights Award; Vagina Schmagina!

April 2003

The Legal Environment Following Re Kevin; Loving a Man Who Wants to be a Woman

June 2003

On Acceptance and Employment; An Interview with Jane Fonda on Gender

August 2003

The Bailey Brou-ha-ha; Born Transsexual; Another First; 2 x Book Reviews