First published by the Gender Centre in 1993, Polare Magazine has developed a reputation of being a vital source of information, news, views, opinions and stories for transgender people and others within the sex and gender diverse communities.

Polare Magazine is published quarterly in Australia by The Gender Centre Inc. which is funded by the Department of Family & Community Services under the S.A.A.P. program and supported by the N.S.W. Health Department through the AIDS and Infectious Diseases Branch. Polare provides a forum for discussion and debate on gender issues. Unsolicited contributions are welcome, the editor reserves the right to edit such contributions without notification. Any submission which appears in Polare may be published on our internet site. Opinions expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect those of the Editor, The Gender Centre Inc., the Department of Family & Community Services or the N.S.W. Department of Health.

Kai's Story, Transwomen in Sport, Cultures in Formation.

The Beautiful Terror of Accepting Love, Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Counsellors, Why Bruce Jenner's Transition Matters.

Call Me Stephanie, Who Has Authority Over Our Bodies?, Kathy Anne Noble Interview.

Dressing for Success, Valerie Wagstaff Tells Her Story, Jenny Boylan on Caitlyn Jenner

The Transgender Funeral Struggle, The Drag Queen Scene, Special Interest Group, The Danish Girl, Caroline at School

Polare Issue 108 Out Now

Transgender is Not a Disorder, Looking Forward, Looking Back, The Exploits of Paula Hartigan, Packing & Binding, Non-Binary Gender and more...

Polare Issue 109 Out Now

Transgender day of remembrance 2016, TransParent (TV show first series) review, Electrolysis the facts, Beginning to understand myself as a Trans woman, Sensationalist Media.

February 1996

The Growing Rent; The Middle Way; On The Beach, I Felt Alive


Magazine of the NSW Gender Centre Issue 110 January-March 2017. Featured Articles: Phia Navin in Remembrance, TransArt as Therapy, A tribute to Paula, LGBTI Legislation fails in Victoria,  Trans* Studies Conference U. of Arizona Report, Transgender Day of Remembrance Report.

Polare Magazine Issue 111 Out Now!

Workplace Discrimination and Harassment (Aust. Human Rights Commission)
Don't Own Shame. It's Not Yours by Candy Jacques
Personal Lubricants, (often referred to as 'lube') by Katherine Cummings
The Young and the Restive by Liz Ceissman
A Poor Haiku for/Ann-Maree Sweeney who runs/Queer Group and Outreach
Why I Swear by Transgender Surgery in Thailand by Viola
Should Trans People be Permitted to Use Their Preferred Toilets? by Paul Gregoire
Cosmetic Surgery for Transgender People by Dr Amjadi

Polare Magazine Issue 112 Out Now!

"My Trans Journey" stories from Transtopia
Violence, Harassment and bullying
Fertility for Trans and Gender Diverse People
Finding Nevo, by Nevo Zisin, reviewed by Candy Jacques
Cross-Dressing - the Last Resort
Everyday Transgender Health Care
and more...

Polare Magazine Issue 113 Out Now!

Transgender Day of Remembrance
Through Struggle to Success
Transmen and Cervical Screening
Transgender and Cancer
Rachael, Kevin, Kelvin and Ubunto
Victims Services: helping victims of Crime in NSW
and more...


Umbrella of love: Mardi Gras 2018
DNA may hold key to gender identity, by Jeff Taylor
Transgender Woman breastfeeds baby
Transgender school students - legal rights and responsibilities

Polare Edition 115 - Out Now

Too Much emotion.  Not Enough Intellect Still point Truning reviewed by Katherine Cummings
Diversity in the Defence Force by Katherine Cummings
A Blast From the Past by Lynn Alcorn
OHMYGOD the taxpayers' money!!! by Bridget Clinch
Transwomen are not MSM. t150 Service Highlights Transgender by Eloise Brook
What You Need To Know About Electrolysis by Katherine Spiric

and more...

Polare 116 Out Now

Vale, Roberta.
From Bad to Worse by Phaylen Fairchild
Promising new HIV vaccine trialled on humans [from The Health Report by Norman Swan]
The Rainbow Tapestry Project by Claudia Turro
HIV PReP by Maggie Smith
PReP does not adversely affect feminising hormones [22nd AIDS conference, Amsterdam, 2018]

polare magazine issue 117 out now

My Health Record
Service to Rural and Regional Centres by Liz Ceissman
Tasmania May Be first State to Leave Gender Off Birth Certificates
CampUs Provides a Place to Dream by Ché Baines
Hepatitis C, an overview from the Polare Archives
Statement from the National LGBTI Health Alliance in response to recommendations from the Religious Freedom Inquiry's Report (11/10/2018)

April 1996

Switched on Wendy; Trapped in the Wrong Sex; Realities, Wayne & Cheryl

June 1996

Famous Trannies; Lower Surgery; Sentencing Given on Significant Transgender Case

August 1996

Transsexuals in Italy; Theories of Gender; Pesticides Cause Gender Change

October 1996

The Difference Between Health & Politics; Education, Employment and Changing Gender