First published by the Gender Centre in 1993, Polare Magazine has developed a reputation of being a vital source of information, news, views, opinions and stories for transgender people and others within the sex and gender diverse communities.

Polare Magazine is published quarterly in Australia by The Gender Centre Inc. which is funded by the Department of Family & Community Services under the S.A.A.P. program and supported by the N.S.W. Health Department through the AIDS and Infectious Diseases Branch. Polare provides a forum for discussion and debate on gender issues. Unsolicited contributions are welcome, the editor reserves the right to edit such contributions without notification. Any submission which appears in Polare may be published on our internet site. Opinions expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect those of the Editor, The Gender Centre Inc., the Department of Family & Community Services or the N.S.W. Department of Health.

December 1996

Elvis Herselvis Part One; Why Gender Issues? Why Now?; The Year in Perspective

February 1997

Elvis Herselvis Part Two, Transgender Liberation & Care, Medicine, the Facts

April 1997

What is Gender; Wendy Carlos Revisited; Transsexual Acceptance

June 1997

What Public Opinion Can Do; Almost Heaven, My Vagina; What are Dads Made Of?

December 1993

A Day at the Doctor; American Indian Gender-Crossers; So What is Seahorse?

August 1997

Fitness & Nutrition; Some Thoughts on Transition; Transitioning on the Job

October 1997

Trans Equity; Transgender Folk Are Creative Folk; Achieving Personal Success

December 1997

A Fabulous Child's Story; Childhood and Gender Identity Development Repressive Abuse

February 1998

Mardi Gras Memories; Trapped in the Body of a Man; Perspectives on Transition

April 1998

A Quality of Life Issue; Rich Man, Poor Man, Transsexual Woman, Spiritual Transgendering

June 1998

The Seahorse Society; Coming-Out Whole; The Hermaphrodite Soul

August 1998

Gender Mirrors; Boys Will Be Girls; Access Plus, Spanning Identities

October 1998

Transgender Debate, Against Exclusion; Why We Lie; Made in Thailand; Identity

December 1998

Positive Policing; A Farewell to Passing; Transmen

February 1999

Transgender Issues & Depression; Using Your Mind to Bring About Body Changes

March 1994

The History of Condoms; Like a lady in Polynesia; Living A Dream

April 1999

A Letter To My Sister; Loneliness of Being Happy; Tell Them I'm a Boy

June 1999

Manhood, The Big Gig; Health Report, Thrush; My Story

August 1999

Trans People and H.I.V.; Telling the Truth

October 1999

Urethral Complications in Phalloplasty; Transitioning is Not Therapy