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Gay & Lesbian Counselling Service of N.S.W.

The Gay and Lesbian Counselling Service of N.S.W. is a volunteer-based organisation providing short-term counselling, information and support services to facilitate healthy, well-adjusted lives within the lesbian, gay and related communities. They provide accessible, confidential counselling services across N.S.W. with options for client referrals to other services; facilitate support groups that assist individuals in specific areas of concern; provide individuals with information to access a wide variety of community groups; training and development programmes for counsellors, members and staff, and present information to the wider community and facilitate forums that lead to an increased understanding and acceptance of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

Gay and Lesbian Community Service (Western Australia)

As Western Australia's main community based L.G.B.T. service provider, Gay and Lesbian Community Service's main focus is on providing essential services to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities, including our peer counselling phone line and social support groups. They also offer a number of training options for the general community, ranging from one-hour personal perspectives talks to half- and full-day workplace training in diverse sexuality and gender and have a successful history of running funded projects, often in partnership with other community groups.

Gender DynamiX (South Africa)

Gender Identity Research and Education Society

Genderbridge (New Zealand)

GenderBridge is an incorporated society established in Auckland, New Zealand to provide support, education, and advocacy for transgendered people, their friends, families, and communities. They supply information on transgender issues to individuals and organisations. Through regular meetings, social functions, as well as online, telephone, and in-person support, they provide a network of support and information within Auckland and throughout New Zealand. They also provide written information to anyone interested in transgender issues and are available to give lectures to interested individuals or groups. Anyone is welcome to our gatherings, including friends and family members.

  • (64) (09) 0800 844 357
  • P.O. Box 68236, Newton, New Zealand 1145

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