Established in 1983, The Gender Centre is the largest transgender and gender diverse organisation in Australia. We specialise in crisis accommodation, education, support, advocacy, outreach and training.  

While our office is in Sydney, we offer services to regional NSW and are involved in advocating for the transgender community at the national level.

Our goal remains to help overcome the many challenges that trans and gender diverse people face in Australia. We work hard to improve awareness of trans and gender diverse people in the Australia community.

We’re primarily funded through the N.S.W. Department of Human Services and Community Services (under the Specialist Homeless Service  program as well as Sydney Local Health District.

Our website is the most comprehensive transgender resource in the world and sees about 18.8 million hits per year.

What is our vision

A world that is inclusive and accepting of an empowered transgender and gender diverse person.

What are our principals

To provide confidential, client centred services to the transgender gender diverse and gender questioning community which promotes a holistic, integrated and strength based approach to service provision, we operate within a strong transparent and accountable governance framework consistent with its constitution, vision statement, code of conduct policies and procedures and service agreements.

What We're here for:

Reducing Homelessness:

Transgender and Gender diverse people fall between the cracks at rates far higher than the general population. Homelessness for trans people is destabilising, and dangerous. Without a safe secure place to live employment, personal safety and hope for the future becomes nearly impossible.

The Gender Centre maintains three supported crisis housing facilities providing thirteen bed spaces and 21 supported transitional housing facilities providing twenty one bed spaces. In 2015/16 the Gender Centre provided over eleven thousand beds per night for the community.

For some trans people even a track record of paying rent, keeping house, and being a good neighbour are not enough to overcome discrimination. The Gender Centre provides tenancy support and currently helps approximately 84 trans people.

Improving Mental Health:

Adjusting and integrating to a new gender identity can be an incredibly stressful and confronting experience. Currently, the suicide rate amongst trans people is so high that almost half of all trans people attempt suicide at least once in their life[1]. The common experience is that being transgender is of itself not distressing,
[1] McNeil, J. et al. (2012) Trans Mental Health Study 2012. Scottish Transgender Alliance. Edinburgh. [viewed 8/3/13]

but rather suffering arises because family and society often fails to accept and support trans people’s in their identities.
In the past year The Gender Centre has offered 1289 counseling/support sessions. On average the Gender Centre offers counseling for over two hundred trans gender and gender diverse clients per year.

Helping Trans People Rise:

Helping trans people involves a wide range of services and assistance: from housing, income, health, employment, education and training, to counseling, support groups, advocacy and building the strength and resilience of the community itself. The Gender Centre is involved in all aspects of the trans and gender diverse experience. In 2015/16 The Gender Centre logged 10,500 hours of casework in support of clients.

Building Community:

We offer support, resilience and community for trans children and their parents. We work hard to give trans youth the resilience and confidence they need to take on the world. We care and support for over fifty-five year old trans people. The Gender Centre works in the inner city, in schools, hospitals, prisons, in Greater Western Sydney, in regional areas of NSW as well as on the national stage, advocating for and working with the transgender and gender diverse community. The Gender Centre held 1685 community building events in 2015/16.

We are part of the community

We are commited in serving and strengthening the transgender community. We aim to work with all partners whether government, private sector, community health and welfare and importantly the general community