To access this service you will need a GP's referral made out to the  Gender Centre's speech pathology service along with an Enhanced Primary Care Program form  which entitles you to 5 bulk billing sessions, The speech pathology service is available on Saturdays at The Gender Centre 41-43 Parramatta Rd Annandale

Voice is a huge part of who we are. For transgender people, especially transgender women, it can be challenging to learn how to speak in voices that reflect their authentic selves.

Voice therapy is variable upon the individual for how long/how many sessions it may take. What we know from the literature is that repeated home practice of techniques is important in maintaining and facilitating progress towards voice goals. A typical session would involve practice of voice techniques, discussion of voice goals and home practice, completing vocal hygiene and role-play situations. The program is tailored to each individual's specific needs for voice therapy.

The expected outcomes of therapy include improvements in voice health and quality and improved ease of using a voice that is more in line with their gender identity across various settings.

You would be provided with techniques to maintain the health of your voice as we later embark on therapy targeting areas such as communication patterns and easily accessible pitch and resonance that allow the client to produce an efficient voice that is more in line with their gender identity.

Fax your GP's referral and your Enhanced Primary Care Program (you get this from your GP as well) to 9519-8200 or drop it in to the centre. Once we have both, we will contact you with an appointment time.  Please note at this stage all appointments are made on a Saturday.