The Strategic Plan of The Gender Centre INC

2015 - 2018 Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Planning Processes

The Gender Centre's Board of Directors have primary responsibility for both approving the Gender Centre's Strategic Plan and for ensuring its implementation.
A major review has been undertaken of all the organisation's services, activities, governance and partnerships based on input from N.S.W. Health, Department of Family and Community Services, Government and Non-Government Organisations, the Gender Centre's Board of Directors, Staff, Volunteers, and Service Users.

Our Aim

To provide a high quality service to the transgender and gender diverse community of N.S.W., which acknowledges human rights and ensures respect, dignity and confidentiality for all.

Our Mission

The Gender Centre is committed to developing and providing services that build the capacity of the transgender and gender diverse community in N.S.W. to make informed choices through the provision of a wide range of services, activities, information and resources.
Our mission is to operate within a social justice context where equity and diversity are embraced. We are committed to informing the community and service providers about the rights, entitlements and needs of the transgender and gender questioning community.
As a Specialist Homelessness & Health Service, we endeavour to provide a high quality service.
The centre provides a high quality, professional psychological/counselling and case-management service to the transgender and gender diverse community, which acknowledges human rights and ensures respect and confidentiality for all.
Our mission is to provide education, support, training, referral and resource development to other organisations and service providers.
We are committed to building the Centre's capacity and that of the service network through collaborative and sustainable partnerships and to deliver responsive and flexible services to our clients and contribute to sector development through evidence based research, policy and advocacy.

Our Objectives

Our Objectives are:
  1. To develop and achieve funding for services that are designed to alleviate poverty and reduce discrimination experienced by the disadvantaged transgender and the gender questioning community of N.S.W.;
  2. To provide prevention, early intervention, supported transition housing and supported independent living to the transgender and gender diverse community of N.S.W. who are homeless or at risk of homelessness;
  3. To provide a high quality, professional psychological/counselling, outreach case-management services to the transgender and gender questioning community of N.S.W.;
  4. To provide mainstream service organisations with the motivation and the skill sets necessary to achieve competency in their service delivery to our service users including the transgender and gender questioning community of N.S.W.;
  5. To advocate for more appropriate and targeted services for the transgender and gender questioning community in N.S.W.
  6. To engage in activities that progress the rights and entitlements of the transgender and gender questioning community of N.S.W.;
  7. To develop and maintain sustainable collaborative partnerships with government and non-government organisations to facilitate access and equity for the transgender and gender questioning community of N.S.W.; and
  8. To provide efficient and effective governance across all organisational operations and service deliveries and comply with the state's legislative and policy directions and service agreements with all funding providers.

Our Principles

The Gender Centre is driven by client centred and evidence based practice and promotes a holistic, integrated and strengths based approach to service provision.
The Gender Centre operates within a strong, transparent and accountable governance framework consistent with its constitution, vision statement, principles, policies and procedures and service agreements and, complies with the state's legislative and policy directions.

Our principles are:

  • Efficient and effective governance;
  • Social justice and human rights;
  • Respect;
  • Client centred practice;
  • Strength-based practice;
  • Active engagement;
  • Building skills and knowledge to enhance independence;
  • Professional and ethical practice;
  • Cultural capability;
  • Social inclusion;
  • Multidisciplinary approach and collaboration with other services;
  • Collaborative partnerships; and
  • Continuous quality improvement and evidence-based practice;

Key Result Area 1: Ethical, Accountable and Effective Governance

Ten Principles that promote good governance
Roles and Responsibilites
Board Composition
Purpose and Strategy
Organisational Performance
Board Effectiveness
Integrity and Accountability
Organisational Building
Culture and Ethics

Key Result Area 2: Supporting and Empowering the Transgender and Gender Diverse Community of NSW

3.1 Engage with Community Service Providers to Provide Information about Transgender Issues at Interagency Meetings
3.2 Strengthen the centres engagement with community service providers
3.3 Deliver relevant up-to-date information
3.4 Build Collaborative Partnerships with A.T.S.I. and C.A.L.D. Communities

Key Result Area 3: Capacity Building, Networks, Partnerships and Advocacy

3.1 Strengthen the centres engagement with community service providers
3.2 Deliver relevant up to date information regarding the issues of the transgender community
3.3 Continue to build collaborative partnerships with ATSI and CALD Communities

Key Result Area 4: Strengthen The Gender Centre

4.1 Ensure the centre has up to date effective compliant and relevant operational policies and procedures
4.2 Ensure the centre has an enviroment that fosters effective change
4.3 Expand the counselling services after hrs on a user pay system
4.1  Provide On-Site Specialist Services
4.2  Deliver On-Site Services
4.3 Social Enterprise
4.4 Expand the provision of Therapeutic Intervention (Counselling)
4.5 Working with General Practitioners


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The Gender Centre Inc. is funded by Sydney Local Area Health District through the AIDS and Infectious Diseases Branch and the N.S.W. Government Department of Human Services, Community Services under the Specialist Homelessness Service (SHS) program.

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