Are You Transgender? ... Gender Questioning?

The young women's support group is for anyone who identifies as a Transgender female.

The GC aims to provide a warm, friendly and supportive space where topics relevant to gender identity can be discussed freely and questions asked including but not limited to :

Getting clarity around your own gender identity  

The decision to commence hormone replacement therapy

Surgery options

Social aspects to transition such as coming out and receiving support from others

The unique challenges that a Trans woman faces in life

For so many transgender people, the experience of feeling like an outsider is an all-too-common one.            

Through the support of our staff and other group members we hope to help you connect with others who have a shared experience to remind you that you are not alone and support is available.

The Young Womens Group in on  the FIRST Tuesday of each month

Please NOTE the following : Doors will open at 5.50pm and close at 6.45. No one will be permitted entry after this time.

Dates for 2020 - - 7:30pm -

Tuesday 4th  February

Tuesday 3rd  March

Tuesday 7th  April

Tuesday 5th   May

Tuesday 2nd  June

Tuesday 7th July

Tuesday 4th  August

Tuesday 8th  September,

Tuesday 6th  October

Tuesday 3th  November

Tuesday 1st  December

The young womans group meets on the FIRST (1)  Tuesday of each month, for transgender and gender questioning adults between the ages of 18 to 30.

Providing a safe, supportive space for women to connect and be themselves.

Where: The Gender Centre: 41-43 Parramatta Road, Annandale

When: 1st   Tuesday of each month

Time...............................6:pm to 7.30pm

How Much:.................... FREE

Do I Need To Book:....... No