Woollongong Parents Support Group

Is your child is questioning his or her gender. Maybe you're feeling shocked and overwhelmed by the news or fearful for your child's future. Maybe you have no idea on what you're feeling. There must be a thousand different questions running through you're head. The Gender Centre runs in partnership with Woollongong Headspace a monthly parents of transgender youth support group with a trained facilitator, guest speakers and lots of parents who are there to help you, and answer some of these questions Its all free, and you don't need to book just come along. The support group meets on the first Tuesday of each month.The aim of the group is to offer support to parents as they address the issues that arise for them in their roles as family members and care givers.The group accepts all parents whether they are accepting or not of their child's diversity.The only requirement for participants is that they come with open minds to explore and work towards understanding their child.It is hoped that through these support meetings parents will be able to understand their child in a more open and informed way

All PARENTS OF TRANSGENDER AND GENDER QUESTIONING YOUTH are invited to come and be part of these support nights.