Parents of Trans & Gender Diverse Youth

Your child is questioning his or her gender. Maybe you're feeling shocked and overwhelmed by the news or fearful for your child's future. Maybe you have no idea on what you're feeling. There must be a thousand different questions running through you're head. The Gender Centre runs a monthly parents of transgender youth support group with a trainied facilitator, guest speakers and lots of parents who are there to help you, and answer some of these questions  Its all freeyou dont need to book just come along.

All  PARENTS OF TRANS AND GENDER QUESTIONING YOUTH are invited to come and be part of these support  nights.

The parents support group meets on the second Monday of each month except January and starts at 6.30 till 8.30

Dates for 2019 February 11 • March 18 • April 8 • May 13 • June 11  July 8 • August 12 • September 9 • October 14• November 11 • December 9

First Steps a resource of shared stories and information from parents and caregivers of transgender youth



  • Telephone: +612 9569-2366