Monash Bioethics Review

Title:      Monash Bioethics Review
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ResourceID:      1321-2753
Authors:      Monash Bioethics Centre
ISBN-10(13):      1321-2753
Publisher:      SPRINGER
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Published by the Monash Bioethics Centre, Monash Bioethics Review is Australia’s oldest peer reviewed bioethics journal. Each issue contains several original articles by leading commentators on bioethics. Also included is an Ethics Committee Supplement, featuring original articles and news items on issues of particular interest to members of human research ethics committees. In addition, there are book reviews, news on scientific and legal developments relevant to bioethics, and an Ethics Committee Reflection. Symposia on current bioethical issues are also a regular feature of the journal. Monash Bioethics Review has a wide readership which includes bioethicists, medical practitioners, medical researchers, and ethics committee members.

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