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Last Friday of each month

Group dates for 2017

24th Feb--   24th Mar--   28th Apr--  26th May--  23rd Jun-- (28th of Jul ,25th of Aug and 22 Sep -- HAVE BEEN CANCELED DUE TO STAFF RECRUITMENT) we are sorry for any inconvenience services for the following months should be back to normal .......... 20 th Oct--  17th Nov--          

Queer Agenda is a social peer support group for people who identify anywhere within the gender variant spectrum

Our support meetings emphasise respect for people's experience in all types of gender variant identities, including

Gender queer which is a catch all category for gender identities other than man woman, thus outside the gender binary and cisnormativity, gender queer people may identify as one or more of the following:

Two or more genders [bigender, trigender,pangender]

Without a gender: [nongendered,genderless, agender, neutrois ]

Moving between genders or with a fluctuating gender identity [ genderfluid]

Third gender or other-gendered; includes those who do not provide a name for their gender

Queer agenda offers a safe space where people can meet to gain support and share their experiances

The philosophy of the group is non-discriminatory, open and sensitive to a range of issues surrounding gender queer

All matters discussed within the group are treated as confidential

Where: The Gender Centre: 41-43 Parramatta Road, Annandale

When: last friday of the month

How Much:..................... FREE

Time...................................5.30pm to 7.30pm

Do I Need To Book: Yes (Please call us on (02) 9519 7599)


  • Telephone: +612 9519 7599
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