Queensland Gender Centre

PLEASE NOTE  the Queensland Gender Centre is not an arm of the NSW Center Centre.

The Queensland Gender Centre is run solely by a transsexual in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia with the aim of assisting those in need of accommodation and assistance. It is open to all those who identify as transsexual and who are mentally stable and drug and alcohol free. The location of the shelter is kept confidential to protect the tenants. The accommodation is in an upmarket suburb on Brisbane's upper north side. You can stay either up to six months or twelve months and up to six people can be accommodated at any one time. If you want more information or are interested in assisting with the project, please telephone, write or email the Queensland Gender Centre.


  • Telephone: (07) 3357 6361
  • P.O. Box 386 Chermside South, Qld. 4032