WarriorTransgender men and other masculine-identified people who were assigned female at birth have existed throughout history, from ancient times through to the middle-ages and beyond. Some well-known, some not, and so have many female cross-dressers and others who experimented with their expression of gender for many reasons including taking on typical masculine employment and pastimes like becoming warriors, hunters and military personnel during wartime.

This section already contains, or will contain the stories of many well-known and lesser-known transmen like Michael Dillon, Harry Crawford, Patrick Califia, Loren Cameron, Leslie Feinberg, Stephen Whittle, Jamison Green, Pope Joan, Maria Bochkareva, Billy Tipton, Brandon Teena, Buck Angel, Chaz Bono, Sir Ewan Forbes, Alan Hart, Charley Parkhurst and Lucas Silveira.

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Article appeared in Polare 45, April 2002

IndieWIRE interviews Kate Davis, producer of Southern Comfort, the story of Robert Eads, cowboy, grandfather, good ol' boy from the South who wanted to die on the land he owned and would pass on to his children. He was also a transsexual who died too young of ovarian cancer, a man born female, a mother and a daughter, a victim of discrimination ...


Article appeared in Polare 100, August 2014

Drawing on her extensive knowledge and research on North American Indian culture, Roberta Perkins explains just how widespread gender-crossers were in this time and how they were treated by their fellow tribespeople ...

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