relationshipOne of the most frustrating areas of the legal system in relation to transgender and gender diverse people has to be our legal relationships with our partners.

Post-operative Transgender people are now able to legally marry in our true gender identity thanks to the 2001 landmark decision which has come to be known as 're: Kevin'. Many other court battles have taken place though, and not always in trying to have our relationships recognised. Partners have also taken to the courts to settle custody battles and divorces upon learning of our intentions to transition. Relationships certainly are one of the most messy areas for transgender and gender diverse people.

This Relationships (Legal Resources) section of the Gender Centre's website contains a number of articles about the legalities of relationships in relation to transgender and sex and gender diversity, and in time will also include other resources such as books and book reviews, research papers, videos, links to other relationship related services and more. The articles below are just a few of the articles currently on the Sexual Health page of this website.


Article appeared in Polare 80, July 2009

Joshua prides himself on being a devoted and doting father. But in the bitter divorce and custody battle with his estranged wife, his fathering is not at issue. What is, is whether he is even a man, a question at the heart of a legal strategy by his wife's lawyer ... 

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