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Transgender presents a unique set of issues when it comes to health, a set of issues that are rarely commonplace among practitioners within the various health care systems, and sometimes issues, or a combination of issues present as unique to individual transgender or gender questioning people. For this reason, it is crucial that transgender and gender questioning people receive an appropriately high standard of health care.

Unfortunately, however, this isn't always the case as the occasional complex issues faced by transgender and gender questioning people have been neglected by a long-established system based on a gender binary that is continually and consistently being disproven. Transgender and gender questioning individuals often face barriers in establishing adequate health care. From the application or not of Standards of Care through to post-surgery wellbeing, the issues faced by transgender and gender questioning people often evolve on the back of the experiences and opinions expressed by transgender and gender questioning people themselves.

This section contains a number of articles about transgender health, including the opinions of transgender and gender questioning people based on their experiences, and in time this section will also include other resources such as book reviews, videos, links to other health-related services and more. The articles below are just a few of the articles currently on the Transgender Health and Opinion page of this website.

These resources are being updated, coming soon...

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