self helpReading articles written by other transgender and gender questioning people who have experienced either long-term mental illness or mental illness as a result of unrelenting prejudice and discrimination can be a great way to get motivated about making positive changes in your life to start to move away from being a victim of these circumstances.

The Self-Help section of the Gender Centre website contains a number of articles about the challenging issues commonly faced by transgender and gender questioning people and includes the successful and not-s-successful experiences of others, and in time will also include other resources such as books, book reviews, videos, links to other websites and more. The articles below are just a few of the articles currently on the Self-Help page of this website.

These resources are being updated, coming soon...


Article appeared in Polare 23, February 1998

In the time since she first acknowledged her bisexuality, Julie has done a considerable amount of soul searching and self-analysis and in this article she shares some of her viewpoints that challenge long-standing notions about how gender relates to sexual orientation ...

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