Hepatitis C

hep c logoHepatitis C is an infectious disease affecting the liver which is caused by the hepatitis C virus (or more simply H.C.V) which is passed from one person to another through blood to blood contact. (i.e. sharing needles or injecting equipment or through unsafe tattooing or piercing methods).

The Hepatitis C section of the Gender Centre's website contains a number of articles about hepatitis C and once established it will also include other resources such as books and book reviews, research papers, videos, links to other hepatitis C related websites and services and more. The articles below are just a few of the articles currently on the Hepatitis C page of this website.


Article appeared in Polare 100, August 2014 2007

Freelance writer and Hep Review magazine contributor, Adrian Rigg looks at Health Literacy, the ability for individuals to take better control of their health and its overall benefit to society as a whole ...


Article appeared in Polare 85, October 2010

The Hepatitis C Virus (H.C.V.) is a very clever little creature. It has spread worldwide, affecting humans, and one type of chimpanzee, and is able to outwit most people's immune system due to its unstable R.N.A. (ribonucleic acid) genetic make up ...

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