Hepatitis C

hep c logoHepatitis C is an infectious disease affecting the liver which is caused by the hepatitis C virus (or more simply H.C.V) which is passed from one person to another through blood to blood contact. (i.e. sharing needles or injecting equipment or through unsafe tattooing or piercing methods).

The Hepatitis C section of the Gender Centre's website contains a number of articles about hepatitis C and once established it will also include other resources such as books and book reviews, research papers, videos, links to other hepatitis C related websites and services and more. The articles below are just a few of the articles currently on the Hepatitis C page of this website.

These resources are being updated, coming soon...


Article appeared in Polare 96, July 2013

The average age for initiation into injecting drug use is nineteen. Without proper knowledge of how to stay safe, young people who start injecting are at serious risk of infection withH.I.V., hepatitis B and hepatitis C. Hepatitis N.S.W.aim to combat this risk with the 'C me' campaign ... 

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