Health Care System

healthMuch criticism of the Health Care System exists among the transgender and gender questioning communities, especially when it comes to the 'hoops' and 'hurdles' we are asked to jump through and over by the 'gatekeepers', the 'experts' that believe they know what is best for us. On the other hand many within our communities also favour a system that is flexible enough to assist those with more intricate needs, and to provide appropriate expertise on what is safe and what is not, while still allowing a reasonable amount of freedom for each individual to choose their own course of action in respect to the realisation of their own unique gender identity, and if applicable, their transitional needs.

With Transgender often presenting a unique set of issues when it comes to health, the balance is a delicate one, and one with much debate and opinion, as can be seen by the articles and other material in this section of the Gender Centre's website. It is crucial that transgender and gender questioning people receive a high quality of appropriate health care, and to this end it is important that transgender and gender questioning people express their concerns regarding this issue.

This section of our website contains a number of articles about the health care system from a transgender and gender questioning perspective and in time this section will also include other resources such as books and book reviews, videos, links to other health care services and more. The articles below are just a few of the articles currently on the Health Care System page of this website.


These resources are being updated, coming soon...

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