The Story of V: Opening Pandora's Box

Title:      The Story of V: Opening Pandora's Box
Categories:      Sex & Sexuality
ResourceID:      0753817764
Authors:      Catherine Blackledge
ISBN-10(13):      0753817764
Publisher:      Phoenix (an Imprint of The Orion Publishing Group Ltd )
Publication date:      2004-06-03
Number of pages:      384
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Product Description
It is the seat of female sexual pleasure, and the passage for both the creation and the birth of humankind. Yet we know less about the vagina than we do about any other organ of the human body. Why? In this dazzling smorgasbord of facts about female genitalia, Catherine Blackledge explores how the vagina has been conceived and misconceived over the centuries. In the past, medicine has misrepresented female sexual anatomy, reducing its remarkable complexities to the notion of a passive vessel. But, as this book shows, science is at last beginning to reveal the true structure and function of female genitalia, and the dynamic nature of the vagina's role in both sexual pleasure and reproduction. With a wide-ranging perspective that takes in prehistoric art, ancient history, linguistics, mythology, evolutinary theory, reproductive biology and medicine, Catherine Blackledge unveils the hidden marvels of the female form.