Powers of Desire (New Feminist Library)

Title:      Powers of Desire (New Feminist Library)
Categories:      Gender Studies
ResourceID:      0853456100
Authors:      Ann Snitow , Christine Stansell , Sharon Thompson
ISBN-10(13):      0853456100
Publisher:      Monthly Review Press
Publication date:      1983-01-01
Edition:      Copyright 1983
Number of pages:      489
Language:      Not specified
Price:      14.00 USD
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Product Description
This provocative anthology brings together a diverse group of well-known feminist and gay writers, historians, and activists. They are concerned not only with current sexual issues-abortion, pornography, reproductive and gay rights-but they also raise a host of new issues and questions: How, and in what ways, is sexuality political? Is the struggle for sexual freedom a complement to other struggles for liberation, or will it detract from them? Has the sexual revolution diminished or enriched the lives of women?


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