PoMoSexuals: Challenging Assumptions About Gender and Sexuality

Title:      PoMoSexuals: Challenging Assumptions About Gender and Sexuality
Categories:      Gender Studies
ResourceID:      1573440744
Authors:      Carol Queen , Lawrence Schimel
ISBN-10(13):      1573440744
Publisher:      Cleis Press
Publication date:      1997-10-10
Edition:      1st
Number of pages:      180
Language:      Not specified
Price:      8.66 USD
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Product Description
PoMo: short for PostModern; in th earts, a movement following after and in direct reaction to Modernism; culturally, an outlook that acknowledges diverse and complex points of view.

PoMoSexual: the queer erotic reality beyond the boundaries of gender, separatism, and essentialist notions of sexual orientation.

Amazon.com Review
We live in a complicated world, and according to PoMoSexuals, it is a lot more complicated than we thought. Now that society has become accustomed to the idea that gay men and lesbians exist, Lawrence Schimel and Carol Queen have brought together 15 essays dedicated to demolishing those categories. They are not, of course, arguing that homosexuals don't exist, but simply that these categories and words cannot do justice to the wondrous complexity of human sexuality. In PoMoSexuals you can read about heterosexual women who identify as gay men, the politics of placing a transgendered personal ad, and how trendy gay male ghetto culture is less about sexual liberation than brand-name accumulation. No matter what your sexual identity is, PoMoSexuals will startle and enlighten, provoke and entertain.


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