The Men and the Boys

Title:      The Men and the Boys
Categories:      Gender Studies
ResourceID:      0520228693
Authors:      R. W. Connell
ISBN-10(13):      0520228693
Publisher:      University of California Press
Publication date:      2001-03-20
Edition:      0
Number of pages:      268
Owner Name:      The Gender Centre Team
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Product Description
Questions about men and boys have aroused remarkable media attention and public interest in recent years. But what have we learned about masculinity, and where is our thinking on the subject headed? In this important book, R. W. Connell continues his pioneering work by taking the next step in understanding the dynamics of contemporary masculinity: incorporating the international dimension. The first sustained discussion of masculinity and globalization, The Men and the Boys links cutting-edge theory with fascinating case studies to point us toward change—in scholarship and public policy as well as in the lives of individual men.

This powerful book looks at a range of intriguing and controversial subjects, including the question of sex between men, men's bodies and health, education, the prevention of violence, and much more. It includes the voices of many men, both straight and gay, in a series of vivid life histories that include a compelling account of "iron man" Steve Donoghue and many others who describe coming to terms with their sexuality, their childhoods, and their experiences at school and work. As he reveals the price men and boys across cultures pay for patriarchy, Connell makes a persuasive case for men to change their conduct in order to create a more cooperative and peaceful world.


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